Day 9 - Cutting Flooring & Prepping Metal Floor

After a quick trip to the lumber store yesterday,
we came home with the Buck Flooring!
You may be wondering what we're doing?
Plywood is subflooring, not flooring, right?... Not this time...
We have an AWESOME idea in the planning and can't wait to share it with you...but first...

We have to deal with all the rust issues. 😒
Not fun or exciting to hear about, we know, but it has to be addressed.
So we began the sanding process, removed the floor leveler the previous owner put down 😕 , and ordered our rust/metal treatment...

The treatment should arrive on the 16th of March, and then we will begin preparing to rust-primer our metal floor before painting with rust-proofing paint just for an extra measure.

Then we'll install our new flooring!!

(Right after we show you how we've prepared each board. 😉)


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