Weighted Crocheted Blanket

My daughters needed a comfy blanket to cuddle up under in front of the fireplace in their she-shed.
But it had to match all the other fun stuff they had going on in that space.
And so the "she shed" blanket was created.

Using scrap fabric, I had collected from other projects, vintage fabrics with patterns that were no longer trending and most likely not going to make a "come back," other bits that I had been given to find a use for, and a good bit of spare time,
I was able to create this beautiful blanket for them.

And it has since become their favorite blanket.
Bringing comfort from its securing weight on stormy afternoons, keeping them warm on chilly nights when it's just not cold enough for a fire, and reminding them every time they are wrapped in it just how much they are loved.

Toy Organizer Revamped

As we were planning our daughter's she-shed layout, we knew they would need many storage opinions. As we had decided, most of the "extra" stuff would be leaving the bedroom to find a new home in their she-shed—things like art supplies, electronics, craft supplies, games, legos, books, etc.
And before planning to move, we were in the process of redecorating their bedroom. Graduating the space from a "little girls" space to a "young women" space. Which meant all the things that fell into the little girl category had to either be rehomed or refaced.
And, of course, all things Disney Princess were the first to hit the chopping block. However, this piece still had a purpose, even if it didn't have a good look anymore.
So we decided to reface it to match the Boho she-shed theme.

A total toy organizer revamp!
When your little girl is growing up,
but not our growing organization.

We wanted all of our materials to be repurposed items, forgotten trim from mom's stash, a knitted scarf, a little paint, and some imagination.

BEFORE - Bye-bye, Disney Princesses.

AFTER - Taken before stickers were removed, so we turned the totes around for effect. (After this project, I was reminded why we don't do many stickers in our house, lol. Luckily, after this project, my girls realized their mother was not a monster for never having done many stickers. They, too, now hate stickers, lol.)

Painted the base in a light grey and the shelf rods in a cobalt blue, then lightly distressed.

By distressing, we exposed a bit of the original pink, which also matched our fabric.

After the paint dried, we carefully smoothed and attached the scarf-like contact paper to both ends.

And added the trim for a nice clean finish.

And the rest is just details...


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