DAY 8: Finalized All Legal Stuff, Bought Subflooring, Got A Few Pallets & Had A Few Laughs

So yesterday, we took our first family trip on the Buck to Pawnee, OK, to finalize all the boring legal stuff...

BUT we were SUPER excited because we got to do it while visiting one of our favorite places in Oklahoma.

A place in Pawnee called "Forgotten Oklahoma." And while there, we had to do a little shopping.

(Because their merch is ADORABLE!!)

Our oldest daughter grabbed this SUPER CUTE hat!

While I had to grab this awesome keychain for The Buck and too funny tea towel for my kitchen!

And ya'll, I couldn't leave without a Forgotten Oklahoma t-shirt.
(You Guys, I'm SUPER excited to get to wear this and rep for Forgotten Oklahoma!!)

Then it was time to head to the hardware store. We always try to use Pawnee Lumber as often as possible. Their customer service is always phenomenal, and we have a thing about supporting our local small businesses whenever we can.

As usual, they did not disappoint. We picked up our flooring, had terrific service, and within minutes we were loaded up and on our way.

(Waiting on Dad to get all loaded up and dreaming of the day she can drive the Buck for the first time.)

Of course, Joe never misses an opportunity to goof off a little, lol...
I swear, I can't take this boy anywhere...
(This was Joe's impersonation of me giddy over going to one of my favorite
interior decor stores.)

Except he's giddy over that big stack of plywood we got for the Buck floor.

We were also able to rescue a few pallets we'll be repurposing into the Buck build.

(Who doesn't LOVE free wood?)

Joe didn't think we needed this one,

but Buggie thought differently...

She won, lol.


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