DAY 6: Removing Sub-Flooring

We weren't expecting perfection...but we were sure hoping the previous owner had not lied about the under-flooring...

No Luck.

We'd been promised that there had been 0 areas that had rusted through, and if we encountered any rust, it would only be surface rust, easily buffed away and treated according to the previous own...

Not so much...This is a photo of a crack where we could actually see the light through to the ground.

Again, we would have still purchased it, as we have the know-how to fix it.

Continuing on...

As we pulled up the sub-flooring to see what we were dealing with as far as rust, it IS common.
We got to find another little surprise he had not told us about.
He had told us he had installed a grey water tank under the bus, making it sound like from the outside only at that point.

(That's cool, we knew he was going to turn it into an RV.)

Only he didn't think it would be nice to explain just how far he had gotten with that process; he had cut a HUGE hole in the underflooring and then simply covered it back up with the rotting old subflooring!!

Again, we would still have bought it; our only issue is LACK of Communication & Honesty.



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