DAY 5: Lighting, Fans, Heater & Exterior Pressure Wash Paint

So since we'd figured out the wiring, and we'd put in the temporary seats for traveling to the hardware store, etc.

We figured we had better make sure the fans were working; the weather is about to start warming up.
And that all the lights were in working order.

And while working on the lights on the exterior, and taking a closer look,...
We began to notice more and more things that, unfortunately, either the previous owner had forgotten to mention or had point-blank lied about because we had asked him some exact questions.

Like, Had it ever been in an accident?... Etc.

(Now we know it most likely has.)

However, thankfully, we had purchased it expecting issues and with full intentions of completely renovating it.

(Seeing the diamond in the rough.

(Understand, we are not nieve people, by ANY means.)

But we are "hope for the best," "expect the worst" kinda people. Knowing that in the world we live in, when you buy a vehicle used or from a private owner, 9 times out of 10,
unfortunately, the dealership or previous owner does NOT have your best interest at heart.

We still hoped...

You may ask, Why didn't we inspect it ourselves? And the answer would be, We did.

However, the previous owner painted over and applied some kind of black rubbery coating over much of the damage so we wouldn't see it the day it was picked up.

And to add insult to injury...

The buy was rushed by the need to install windshield wipers, wire temporary brake lights, the rainy, yucky weather, and a 7+ hour trip home at a max speed of 65 miles an hour in the soon-to-be dark. 😕

So the odds were not in our favor, to say the least, the day we picked it up...


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