Light + Privacy

A "Who'Da Thunk It Creative Designs"

Quick Tip:

If you're like me and like your privacy but LOVE your light and prefer not to use window blinds, here is an excellent option for you with a charming finish.


* Cracked Ice Ceiling Light Panels - 24-in x 48-in 7.85-sq ft

* Clear Silicone All-Purpose Caulk

* A Utility Knife


Measure your window, cut panel piece to size, cleanly silicone around the inside edge, insert panel, let dry, and you're done!

Ending with Beautifully Finished Windows!

Light + Privacy, a Win, Win! 🙂

For those concerned about condensation, I have tested this for 2 years in my daughter's bedroom with NO problems.

NOTE: We do have storm windows on their bedroom windows, but, we have also had the lower half of our bathroom window covered, without a storm window on the outside, and have had no problems there either.

I imagine this would also be GREAT in a dark Basement, Attic, Skoolie (Bus) Conversion, Tiny Home, Boathouse, Camper, RV, She Shed, Garage, etc.

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