Mom's Place

 Just a thank you space for all Moms out there, filling all the roles needed, from a uber, life coach, stylist, chef, dry cleaner, maid, counselor, prayer warrior, teacher, ATM, alarm clock, bodyguard, lifeguard, to the wall in which to bounce things off of, etc.

You ladies are AMAZING, and none of us would be where we are today without you.

Thank You!


Remember, no matter how tough it may sometimes be, other moms are standing with you, praying for you, and cheering you on. I know because I'm one of them. Keep your chin up, sister, and never up.

💗, Rach

My Favorite Mom Songs

Music has always been a big part of my life and has always spoken to my heart. Often better than spoken words. So hopefully, a few of these, if not all, will bless your heart as well.

Me, Mine & My Mom

My mom, brother, and I.

My Mama and I at the JP, the first time I married Joe.
(Yep, I got married in a black formal, it was my something borrowed.
And must have been my lucky color, as we are still together today.
Praise God!)

My mother with my oldest daughter at 4 days old.
Yes, 4 days old, and Yes, she kept all her hair. 😊

Mama with my baby girl at the hospital.

4 Generations.

Mama & Daddy, minutes after saying my wedding vows for a second time,
10 years after I married Joe for the first time.
(We renewed our wedding vows on our 10th wedding anniversary with a larger wedding,
and we had actually done something together to earned a big wedding.)

Mama with the girls out to dinner in Dallas, TX.

After a long day of Christmas pictures and shopping 2020.

Thank you, Mom, because, without you, none of this would be.
I love you,
💕 Rach


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